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We understand the entertainment industry and serve it well. Luxury is what we are the best at! Your team deserves to sleep well after a demanding day. Accent provides comfortable - and affordable - temporary housing solutions that go beyond typical hotel offerings to meet the unique needs of the entertainment industry. We save time and money by handling all aspects of your temporary housing program, and maintain long-term inventory throughout your peaks and valleys of demand, allowing you to place your team immediately and avoid the expense and inconvenience of temporary hotel stays. And our expert local staff and dedicated management provide best-in-class service to make your team feel welcome, supported, and right at home.

Accent understands the industry
  • Our staff works with the sense of urgency that each project demands.
  • We customize housing packages to meet the needs of large and small groups.
  • We can work within project budgets, and offer special rates for large groups.

A range of experience and options
  • We have experience with all aspects of the industry, including music, theatre, film and television. We have, will and love providing housing for artists, designers, executives and crews for sitcoms, reality television shows, major studio feature films, independent feature films, foreign films, documentaries, music tours, theatre productions and theme parks.
  • Above-the-Line accommodations are available worldwide.

Specialized account management
  • We believe in building long-term relationships with entertainment travel brokers and decision-makers in studios, production offices, theatres and music companies. Getting to know you will help us learn your specific needs and preferences, and make it even easier for you to plan housing for your next production or project.