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Employee Relocation (Human Resources)

Companies with relocating employees choose Accent Corporate Housing! Our detailed understanding of Employee Relocation allows us to provide cost-effective housing solutions and convenience services.


Accent offers hundreds of luxury homes in prime locations all around San Diego, California. We have the home to fit every company and transferees needs with a range of housing options and amenities.

Being cost effective is important

Placement of transferees in Accent homes offers your company great savings over booking them in hotel rooms or even with most Corporate Housing competitors. Our homes are much more spacious and much less expensive per night than hotel rooms. We do not charge extended-stay fees and the service taxes required at hotels. Every home has a full kitchen so you won't have to pay restaurant prices for every meal. Accent homes are even more cost-effective when employees are relocating with their families. A family can be comfortably accommodated in one Accent home, instead of multiple hotel rooms.

It's easy doing business with us

We are proud to provide superior customer service to every each and one of our clients. Our customer service staff along with friendly and knowledgeable Corporate Account Managers will make doing business with us a refreshingly smooth and pleasant experience.

Here at Accent Corporate Housing we are constantly developing new procedures and technologies to make it more efficient and convenient for your company to work with us. We will accommodate your special billing requests to simplify your accounting.

If for any reason we are not able to fill your housing request, we will make a reservation with an alternative provider, manage the details of the stay, and incorporate the information into our company's system. We can even place a member of our travel staff onsite at your corporate office to book all of your company's housing requests.

Simplicity for your transferees

All furniture is carefully chosen, just like in your home. Our apartments are more spacious than hotel rooms, with separate living, dining, and sleeping areas. Transferees who stay with us will feel more comfortable, easing their transition into a new workplace and community.

Accent staff is always ready to provide transferees with information on their stay, the community, order additional household items as requested, or book rental cars. Emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day.

For Insurance Adjusters

When disaster strikes for your policyholder, we'll go out of our way to provide the housing, items, and services they need, so they can get back to their life as quickly as possible. Accent Understands that every one of your clients has a unique set of needs.
  • Accent Corporate Housing has access to a large inventory of single-family houses, townhomes, condos, and apartments all around the city of San Diego. We'll find your policyholder a great temporary home away from home.
  • Your policyholder will be served by a local Insurance Specialist who is familiar with the community.
  • We have our own quality furniture and housewares
  • We welcome pets, large and small, in many locations.

Accent Corporate Housing is here to help

Finding the perfect housing solution for every policyholder is only the beginning of our job. From the time property loss occurs, to the time the policyholder moves back home, Accent is there to handle all the details. With years of experience, our National Accounts Team has a complete understanding of the insurance industry, and a commitment to making it easy for you to work with us.
  • Our Specialists will provide complete account management and customer support for the policyholder, reducing your workload. We'll handle all furniture and housewares, utilities, phone service, maintenance issues and special requests details throughout the move-in process.
  • You and your policyholder will have one point of contact, who will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We'll work with you to determine billing options and the best method of collecting security deposits.
Our team of Insurance Specialists is available to answer your questions and make reservations 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our Step-by-Step Process

From the time the property loss occurs to the time the insured moves back home, we are here to organize and handle the process

Step 1 - Adjuster Calls Accent
Our Insurance Specialists are available to provide a clear explanation of services and begin serving your policyholder. After you provide us with the details of the policyholder's information, our staff will set to work on meeting their immediate needs.

Step 2 - Accent Identifies a Housing Solution
We will immediately contact the policyholder to assure them we are working to find them the perfect temporary housing solution, whether it's a house with a yard or an apartment close to work. Within 24-48 hours Accent will present a cost-effective, appropriate temporary residence. Our trained staff will work with the insured directly, while informing you of every step in the process.

Step 3 - Accent Seeks Approval
Accent will work within the policyholder's financial limits. Before finalizing arrangements for housing and any additional items requested by the policyholder, we will submit all costs for adjuster approval.

Step 4 - Accent Moves Policyholder into Fully Furnished Residence
Accent strives to provide superior customer service during move-in and throughout the policyholder's stay. We will stay in contact with the policyholder to ensure they have everything they need, and handle all maintenance issues in an efficient and timely manner. In addition, Fair Rental Value Assessments can be provided when necessary.

Step 5 - Invoicing and Reports
Accent allows you to choose your billing option. We can either bill directly to the insurance company, or bill the insured. Restrictions do apply.

Step 6 - Constant Communication
Accent will continue to follow up with the adjuster regarding notice to vacate or possible extension of the policyholder's stay with us.

Step 7 - Vacate Notification
Upon notification from the adjuster, Accent will schedule the insured's move-out. We will reconcile final billing, and the security deposit if applicable.